Pizza Hut® Inc., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), is the world's largest pizza restaurant company with almost 8,000 units in the United States and more than 4,000 units in 88 countries. The company is the recognized leader in the $33 billion pizza category.




Pizza Hut to expand removal of preservatives, antibiotics

The Plano, Texas-based division of Yum! Brands Inc. said that by the end of July it will remove preservatives BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), mainly used to prevent oils from becoming rancid through oxidation, from the chain’s meats. By March 2017, it will assure that cheeses have no artificial preservatives.

The company said it also will remove “antibiotics important to human medicine from chicken” by the end of March 2017.

Pizza Hut has also created a microsite to highlight its food-ingredient commitments, at The microsite spotlights ingredients, heritage and innovations.

Pizza Hut said it has already eliminated partially hydrogenated oils, or artificial trans fats, and monosodium glutamate, or MSG. The company said 15 percent of its pizzas have just a third of the daily recommended dietary allowance for sodium, and 20 percent of its pizzas will meet that criteria by 2020.

$5 Flavor Menu

Pizza Hut expands value offerings with '$5 Flavor Menu'

Pizza Hut debuted Monday a new “$5 Flavor Menu” aimed at providing customers with more value options in the new year, the company told Nation’s Restaurant News last week.

The $5 Flavor Menu features a choice of a medium one topping pizza, eight boneless WingStreet wings, a chocolate chip cookie or triple chocolate brownie, Tuscani Pasta, a double order of breadsticks or flavor sticks, and four 20 ounce beverages for $5 each when ordering two or more items.

Triple Treat Box

Pizza Hut reprises Triple Treat Box for summer 2016

Pizza Hut is bringing back its popular Triple Treat Box, first introduced last November for the winter holidays, in a summer-themed version.

The “Triple Treat Box: Summer Edition” features a tri-level pizza box with two medium one-topping pizzas, an order of breadsticks and a large chocolate chip cookie for $19.99. The pizzas have their own drawers and the cookie and breadsticks share one.

The holiday themed box of last year has been stylized with summer graphics. It is available for a limited time, the company said.

Pizza Hut, a division of Yum! Brands Inc., has more than 16,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

Pizza Hut debuts Triple Treat Box for holidays

Pizza Hut introduced Monday a new, three level Triple Treat Box that includes separate drawers forpizza, breadsticks and desserts.

Packaged in a miniature cardboard taboret cabinet, the Triple Treat offers two medium one topping pizzas, breadsticks and an eight slice chocolate chip cookie for $19.99.

The one topping pizzas in the Triple Treat offer can be paired with various crust flavors, sauces and drizzles, as well as breadsticks or “Flavor Sticks,” which include such selections as fiery red pepper, toasted cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago or honey Sriracha.

The promotion also includes an eight slice Hershey's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, which Pizza Hut introduced in 2014.

Big Flavor Dippers

Designed for dipping, the Big Flavor Dippers Pizza is a nearly two foot long pizza that’s divided into 24 dipping strips, making the pizza eating experience interactive and fun. The pizza comes with a choice of 10 crust flavors from the Flavor of Now menu, such as Hut Favorite, Toasted Cheddar and Salted Pretzel, as well as four flavorful dipping sauces including:

  • Marinara
  • Ranch
  • Barbeque 
  • Honey Sriracha
Customers can order the Big Flavor Dippers Pizza with one topping and four dipping sauces for just $12.99. A free 2 liter of any Pepsi product is available when the new product is ordered online at

New Menu Items at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut New Item: 

  • Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, Pizza with Cheddar and mozzarella cheese stuffed into and baked onto the crust, which is also topped with toasted breadcrumbs and melted butter, $12.99 for a large one-topping pizza

Availability: An unspecified limited time


Pizza Hut New Item: 

  • Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza, pizza with choice of toppings, with a crust stuffed with a blend of mozzarella, white Cheddar and provolone cheeses, along with pieces of applewood smoked bacon, $12.99 for a large, one-topping pizza.

Availability: An unspecified limited time


Pizza Hut New Item: 

  • Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza, large pizza with 16 rolled, cheese stuffed garlic knots on the outside of the crust. Served with one topping and two dipping cups of marinara sauce.

Availability: An unspecified limited time

Pizza Hut New Item: 

  • Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Brownie, Hershey’s cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate chips and Special Dark chocolate chips baked in a brownie and topped with chocolate syrup and mini-marshmallows.

Availability: An unspecified limited time

Pizza Hut unites pizza And breadsticks with the new Twisted Crust Pizza. Launching Sept. 21, 2015 the large hand tossed pizza features a tearable,  dippable breadstick crust served with a choice of two dipping sauces and one topping for $11.99.

For added flavor, Pizza Hut is launching two new dipping sauces to accompany the  Twisted Crust Pizza. The pizza will be  delivered with a traditional marinara sauce for dipping and a choice of either  Buffalo Ranch or a Cheddar Cheese sauce.

Pizza Hut to debut Hot Dog Bites Pie

Pizza Hut, which in the past has offered hot dog embedded pies abroad, this year is bringing the pie home to the United States, debuting the Hot Dog Bites Pizza domestically on June 18.

The large one topping pizza, featuring 28 hot dog bites baked into the crust, is priced at $11.99. It is served with a side of French’s mustard for dipping.


Pizza Hut New Item: 

  • Triple Cheese Covered Stuffed Crust, cheese-stuffed pizza crust with Parmesan, Asiago and Cheddar cheeses, toasted on the outside, $11.99 for a large one-topping pizza.
Availability: Permanent

Menu Revamp

Pizza Hut will relaunch its menu Nov. 19 to include premium ingredients, reduced calorie pizzas and new customization options. The chain also has redesigned its logo and pizza delivery box, has introduced new uniforms and revamped its website.

The Flavors of Now Menu features five new toppings: sliced banana peppers, Peruvian cherry peppers, spinach, salami and meatballs. Besides its classic marinara sauce, customers can choose from premium crushed tomato sauce, garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, barbecue and honey Sriracha.

Pizza Hut will also introduce a new line of flavors applied to the crusts, including three cheeses — Asiago, Cheddar and Parmesan — two spicy options — Fiery Red Pepper and Honey Sriracha — two Asian options — Ginger Boom Boom and Get Curried Away — and garlic butter blend, salted pretzel and regular Hut Favorite.

Pizzas can also be drizzled with a choice of four sauces: balsamic, honey Sriracha, barbecue and buffalo.

The chain’s 10 new specialty pies are:

  • BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger: Barbecue sauce, meatballs, hardwood-smoked bacon, red onions and diced Roma tomatoes, on Cheddar crust with barbecue sauce drizzle
  • Old-Fashioned Meatbrawl: Marinara sauce, meatballs, red onions and diced Roma tomatoes
  • 7 Alarm Fire: Crushed tomato sauce, pepperoni, jalapeños, Peruvian cherry peppers, sliced banana peppers and green bell peppers, on red pepper crust
  • Sweet Sriracha Dynamite: Honey Sriracha sauce, grilled chicken, sliced jalapenos, pineapple and Peruvian cherry peppers, drizzled with honey Sriracha and served on a honey Sriracha sauce crust
  • Cock-A-Doodle Bacon: Garlic Parmesan sauce, grilled chicken, smoked bacon and diced Roma tomatoes, on a Parmesan crust
  • Giddy Up BBQ Chicken: Barbecue sauce, grilled chicken, bacon and red onions, on a Cheddar crust with barbecue sauce drizzle
  • Buffalo State of Mind: Buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, sliced banana peppers and red onions, on Cheddar crust with Buffalo sauce drizzle
  • Garden Party: Crushed tomato sauce, green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes and spinach, with balsamic drizzle
  • Pretzel Piggy: Garlic Parmesan sauce, bacon, mushrooms and spinach, on a salted pretzel crust with balsamic drizzle
  • Cherry Pepper Bombshell: Crushed tomato sauce, salami, Peruvian cherry peppers and fresh spinach, on Asiago crust with balsamic drizzle
  • Hot and Twisted: Crushed tomato sauce, salami, jalapeños and red onions, on a salted pretzel crust

Pizza Hut will also roll out a line of five Skinny Slice Pizzas, made with thinner crusts. Each slice has 250 calories or less.
  • Skinny Beach: Crushed tomato sauce, grilled chicken, red onions, Peruvian cherry peppers and spinach
  • Skinny with a Kick: Crushed tomato sauce, pepperoni, sliced jalapeño peppers, Peruvian cherry peppers, green bell peppers and red onions, on a fiery red pepper crust
  • Skinny Italy: Classic marinara, meatballs, diced Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions and fresh spinach, topped with a balsamic drizzle
  • Skinny Luau: Crushed tomato sauce, grilled chicken, slow-roasted ham, green bell peppers and pineapple
  • Skinny Club: Garlic Parmesan sauce, grilled chicken, slow-roasted ham, diced Roma tomatoes and spinach, on an Asiago crust

Pizza Hut Testing Skinny Slice

Pizza Hut is testing out a lighter pizza in two U.S. markets as it seeks to freshen up its menu and regain its footing against competitors.

The tests of the "Skinny Slice" pies began this week at several dozen restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, and West Palm Beach, Florida. The pies simply use less of the same dough used for regular pies and are lighter on the toppings, said Doug Terfehr, a Pizza Hut spokesman.

Pizza Hut's test varies in the two markets. In Toledo, customers can create their own Skinny Slice pies with up to five toppings, with each slice having 300 calories or less. In West Palm Beach, customers can pick from one of six pre-determined pies, with each slice having 250 calories or less.

The Skinny Slice pies are intended as a lighter version of Pizza Hut's hand-tossed crusts; a plain slice of the regular hand-tossed pie has 300 calories, according to the chain's website. A slice of the pan pizza has 350 calories and a slice of the "Thin 'N Crispy" has 260 calories.

Pizza Hut also rolled out "Fit n' Delicious" pies more than a decade ago that had even fewer calories than the new Skinny Slice pies by going lighter on toppings. If the test proves successful, the Skinny Slice pies would replace the Fit N' Delicious pies, which are still available on request, Terfehr said in an email.

Dessert Pizza

Pizza Hut Copycat Recipe

Pizza Crust
1 cup warm (105 degrees) water
2 cups flour
1 1/2 tablespoon vegetable oil
3/4 cup cake flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast

Fruit Filling
1 (21 oz.) can pie filling (cherry, blueberry, or apple)

Crumb Topping
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup quick-cooking oats
1/2 cup firm butter or margarine
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Vanilla Glaze
2 cups powdered sugar
3 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon melted margarine or butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine yeast and warm water and let proof for 3 minutes. Add to other crust ingredients in a large bowl and knead for 10 minutes. Cover with plastic wrap, and allow to rise for about 12 hours.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Roll the dough on a floured surface until it is about the diameter for your 16 inch pizza pan. Place in pan and form the dough to the edge. Brush with vegetable oil and prick with fork.

Prebake for 3 minutes. Remove from the oven and spread with pie filling. Mix crumb topping ingredients with a fork or pastry blender. Spoon over pie filling. Return pizza to the oven and continue to bake for 10-15 minutes or until crust is light golden brown.

To make glaze, combine ingredients until desired consistency. Remove pizza from oven and drizzle with vanilla glaze.

Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Launches Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza company, announced today the debut of one of its most-heralded and highly-anticipated new products of all time – Crazy Cheesy Crust.

The mere name of the pizza is quite fitting. It’s Crazy – featuring 16 dough pockets as its outer edge – Cheesy – each pocket is filled with a blend of five Italian cheeses – and Crust(y) – the element of a pizza that Pizza Hut has a rich tradition of revolutionizing all around the world.

The Crazy Cheesy Crust will be available for a limited time only. A large 1-topping Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza is available for $12.99. Additional toppings are $1, extra cheese is $2 and Specialty pies are $3 more.