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Home Pizza Hut Tuscani Pastas.

I've been seeing the commercials on TV for the New Tuscani Pastas from Pizza Hut. The purpose of this hubpage is to figure out how to make these dishes at home with ingredients available at your local Walmart food store.

According to their website there are now four different flavors:

  • Lasagna
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Meaty Marinara
  • Bacon Mac n Cheese

Tuscani Lasagna

With layers of lasagna noodles and real ricotta, Parmesan and Romano cheeses smothered in Italian-seasoned meat sauce and freshly oven-baked with a layer of melted cheese, you'll get the taste of Italy, delivered right to your door. Get over 3 lbs. of pasta plus 5 breadsticks for $14.99!

I usually just buy frozen Stouffers lasagna as I find it tastes great and is cheaper than buying all the ingredients and making from scratch.!

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Baked Tuscani Pasta

Grilled chicken breast strips and rotini pasta oven-baked in a creamy Alfredo sauce with a layer of melted cheese. Family-size order feeds 4 people and comes with 5 breadsticks.

I buy a cooked chicken from the deli and use a good quality alfredo sauce over cooked rotini noodles to make this dish quickly and easily

Meaty Marinara Baked Tuscani Pasta

Savory Italian-seasoned meat sauce and rotini pasta topped with cheese and oven-baked. Family-size order feeds 4 people and comes with 5 breadsticks.

I use a good quality jar of meat sauce poured over cooked rotini pasta and cover with an italian blend of shredded cheeses. Sometimes I'll add some sliced pepperonis to spice up this dish.

Premium Bacon Mac n Cheese Tuscani Pasta

Rotini pasta smothered in a cheddar cheese sauce, topped with cheese and bacon and then oven-baked. Family-size order feeds 4 people and comes with 5 breadsticks.

This is really easy to create at home. I use this Ragu sauce over boiled rotini noodles and crumble cooked bacon on top.


  1. This is gr8 tnx 4 sharing these wonderful filling recipes.

  2. I want to buy the actual meaty marinara sauce and have shipped to my home since its the best there is and cant be duplicated!!!!!!! Where can I get some?